Life delivers enough twists and turns to each of us.
Since you cannot stop good and bad winds from blowing,
you can only choose to decide how to respond to those winds,
how to channel them, in what direction you channel them to your use.
Your choices in how to repond is the single strongest final factor.
As Canfield taught, "Event plus Response equals Outcome."
There is enormous power in your use of that statement.
It is not enough to know it. Knowing means little.
Only what you do with what you know has use.
With rare exceptions, you can profit now.
However bad the event seems to be,
look for the seed of opportunity,
for the worst serves the best.
Identify the silver linings.

The Psychology of Shortcuts is here for you, to help yourself.
It is time to stop spending, so you have more to invest in YOU.
You practiced the Psychology of Shortcuts as a child, then forgot.
These millions of unique pages are reminders of YOUR best secrets.
These are the secrets of masters, millionaires, champions, billionaires.
From now, your brain focuses more and more on answers, on resolutions.
Fixing problems, not blame, is one of the greatest secrets of human success.
The Psychology of Shortcuts warrants your rapid moves towards more success.

Shapelinks To Tickle Your Interest
What are Shapelinks?       Good question.

You're sitting on the largest source of shortcuts in the world, from the Psychology of Shortcuts
with two very specific goals: to feed starving people as a direct consequence of creating new wealth.
That's two goals right there, benefiting you, so that you can also do more to help more of earth's helpless.
We can moan that most suffering is the result of another's greed, or we can proactively use shortcuts to help.
The targets are, of course, those who do not have more. Once you learn how to do more, be more, acquire more,
you'll be in a far better position to help the ONE-HALF of the world that goes to bed hungry each and every day.
We are the last generation to drink free water. Imagine a billion who already have little or no clean water.
Engaging, employing, shortcuts and effective secrets of the Psychology of Shortcuts, things change.
Nothing in your life is the same when you realize that the master secrets are relatively universal.
When you ask more people more times each, you use the secret of millionaires and billionaires.
IN RE acquisition, find no greater, faster shortcut than asking more people more times each.
Whether you ask for a date, or a sale, or money for an ice cream cone, the secrets remain.
They are secret because most of us are too profoundly hypnotized to use great shortcuts.
At the Psychology of Shortcuts, and surely by way of too,
you are invited to de-hypnotize yourself, learning that 80% of your cash is wasted.
When you buy a nationally-advertised item, you no longer get a certain quality.
The more you spend on executives and ads, the less there is for your value.
You get only what is left after executive pay and advertising steal value.
Up to eighty cents of every discretionary dollar you spend goes thus.
Retaining them, your discretionary income rises eighty percent.
If you only succeed halfway, that is a FORTY PERCENT raise.
Stop spending, and start investing into our champion,
the person for whom all this has been crafted,
whose likable face is seen in your mirror.

Live your Psychology of Shortcuts.

Filled with the wealthiest and healthiest shortcuts of top achievers and winners,
the secrets, the techniques, the words and questions of those who outperform 90+% of us,

The Psychology of Shortcuts has been designed for your life, with Mr-Shortcut, the Godfather of EyeCandy

The Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity are fantastically, near-immeasurably enormous!
Feel free to tap any letter, number or character (yes - even upper-case!) on your keyboard
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How To Succeed Shortcuts
The Psychology of Shortcuts Uses WaveRings Through How To Succeed

"How to succeed shortcuts" surround us in millions of pages at the Psychology of Shortcuts.
Teach yourself how to succeed faster with these excellent and free shortcuts to success.
Imitate the people that consistently outperform you, THEN add your own innovations.
Houses and weddings are successful, thanks to written recipes that yield you more.
Waverings EyeCandy are from MisterShortcut to entice your interest in self-help.
Psychology of Shortcuts EyeCandy is fun, and yet, has multiple purposes, too.
The better you do in life, the better situated you can be to help the helpless.
Thus, the Psychology of Shortcuts aims to edutain you, to greater wealth.
The Psychology of Shortcuts cannot fail, we can only fail to use it, hm?
When you help the helpless, you fulfill the Psychology of Shortcuts.

 Psychology of Shortcuts Supports The Hunger Site
 Psychology of Shortcuts Adores The Rainforest Site
 Psychology of Shortcuts Stands Behind The Animal Rescue Site
 Psychology of Shortcuts Supports The Literacy Site
 Psychology of Longevity LOVES The Child Health Site

How To Succeed Now With YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts
Shapetalk in Poetry, Poetic in Shapetalk, To Say Quite The Same

How to succeed, well, now, how to succeed,
this is the question whose answer we heed.
The call to succeed, near the wall to succeed,
Success, they say, is what success shall breed.
So heed your own call, to the wall down the hall,
where how to succeed, is best found in the ball,
where the rich and famous, and power elite,
make all their big deals between their treats.
How to succeed, well, now, how to succeed,
we all wish to fulfill our sweetest of needs.
Teach to the wall, for the ear hears so little,
As the rich get richer, see the poor eat their kibble.
How to succeed, is the call of today, where only the rich get to have their way.
Move on, dear partner, to the bell you hear, where the one thing mattering, is how to succeed.

How to succeed, tell us all how to succeed,
it is the one question whose answer we heed.
The call to succeed, near the wall to succeed,
Success, they say, is what success must breed.
So heed your own call, to the wall near the ball,
where how to succeed, is what rings proud and tall...

where the rich and famous, and power elite,
engage in dark deals in between their treats.
How to succeed, well, now, how to succeed,
we all want to fulfill our dearest of needs.
Teach to the wall, as their ears hear so little,
so the rich get richer, as the poor gobble kibble.
How to succeed, is your feed of today, where the fat and the rich enforce their way.
Shake it, dear partner, to the tone that you hear, where your only lesson is how to succeed.

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