If you believe that someone else will help you create your success, identify that person.
If you believe an organization will provide extra rungs on the ladder of your life, who is it?
Names, addresses, phone numbers? Are you asking them in this critical twenty-four hour period?
Are you asking twenty-five to one hundred people per day to help you get what you want?
This alone quadruples the chances of you being world class in a hundred days or less.

Whether it's you that you're asking twenty-five to one hundred times per day,
pursing excellence in one or more efforts of intellect or performance,
or asking any number of world-class experts in every human effort,
are you asking twenty-five to one hundred times nearly every day?
That's your hottest ticket; another certain success shortcut.
a shortcut that works approximately 100% of the time,
for approximately 100% of those who use them,
one hundred or more times each. Period.
This applies to every human effort.
You wish to be world-class?
It's as easy as just that.
Asking more people,
then, repeatedly,
asking more.

It is no less so if the person asking and the person being asked are one and the same.

Answer to power.
Asking more people more times,
more than anything you'll ever learn,
is the single greatest power in all the world.
Nothing else even comes close to the power of asking.
Ask any ten people ten times each and watch what happens.
It is the source and reason for all of the billions personally garnered.
Your lips are flapping and yet, we cannot hear much of anything you're saying.
What you do speaks so loudly, no words are necessary about who and what you really are.
We know. We see. That's why you need to step on your accelerator, immediately. Answer to power.
Ignore all of your previous concepts of time. This day is the only one that counts, and you have forgotten to count.
Never mind twenty-four hours. Closer examination reveals that you have more than eighty-six thousand seconds per day.
Mathematically and in defiance of how you have been acting until today, that's eighty-six thousand separate opportunities.

Everything coming out of your mouth is more than anyone in the world has much interest in unless it's for ulterior reason.
It is your actions that we treasure or repudiate, so watching you move from twenty-five to a hundred is delicious.
Talk less, do more. If you must talk for your daily bread, twenty-five to one hundred efforts at improvement.
In days, you hit your first thousand, and you merit feeling somewhat world-class when you count higher.
Time flashes into ten thousand and one hundred thousand, very quickly, and you are world-class.
Bubble gum or rocket science, every human effort is subordinate to the shortcuts of masters.
Those who do it the best do not take the same number of steps that you do.
That's because they're willing to take more steps up front.
Simple, powerful, repetitive steps that deliver.
The rest? Mostly empty ratiocination or less.
If you are waiting on a better day to excel

you are far more likely to be rather dead.

You may not even know it, but we will.

You are not more or less than a total,

a sum of the actions you engage in.

That sum never exceeds a minute.

That minute is where you are

Answer to your own power,
the power to ask more.


Answer to power, answer to power, do you not see the need, the height of the hour?
Answer to power the time has arrived, here is your chance to rise and shine.
Answer to power in your effort to tower, don't let your life, turn shallow and sour.
Reach in the grate, pull out your ftate, do not think to cower, as you answer to power.

More often than not, the Psychology of Shortcuts means several things at once.
"Answer to Power" is a great example of this: multiple meanings with each stroke.

Who can run your life as efficiently as you?
Surrender liberty for security? Doesn't work that way.
That's like paying someone not to beat you up every day.
It's quite like the taxpayer, paying represenatives to steal money.

Answer to power, the time is nigh,
each of us chooses how low or how high.
Low power's petty, wielded by tools,
who never learn that they are naught but fools.
Answer to power as they understand;
most often responding to the subtle hand.

High power's different, snide and much harder,
grabbing what's not authorized in its charter.
Answer to power that's great with like,
it's only your nerve that needs a good hike.
Match them and slap them, give as good as you get,
then leap ahead with the use of your head.

Answer to power with the best within you,
Answer to power with all your truth.
No one can know and no one can say,
how you choose to respond today,
but answer to power, in this very hour,
this is your time
to answer to power.

.... arrogating all time



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THAT is your quest: answer to power.

The Psychology of Shortcuts cannot repeat it enough.

Answer to power.

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