Let's try the math of murder, blood, suffering, pain, grief

55,000 vehicles in a little town.
With claim of need, double-size,
double and more the size of a car.
Averaging only ten gallons per week,
we count 550,000 gallons, conservatively.
Every gallon contains the blood of innocents.
Fifty weeks per year? Who can count that high?
Who of us understands 27,000,000 gallons annually?
Of the hundred-plus millions of dollars spent on this gas,
thirty-five million or more goes directly to unstable people.
No less than two of those millions goes directly to bad people.
Therefore, whatever the reasons for buying and sending this way,
the people buying the gas are directly funding these bad people.
The excuses somehow feel as if they cost less than the murders.
But selfishness is, obviously, the hallmark of that little town,
cold to the math of murder, blood, suffering, pain, grief.
55,000 murderers in one little town, paying for blood.
Only one in a thousand actually NEEDS a vehicle,
while the selfish continue to drink that blood.
This is why some of us wish all of you gone,
you anti-Semitics, drinking all the blood,
driving vehicles you truly do not need.
Your excuses cannot match the pain.
55,000, all sentenced to die poorly.
God never fails to even the score.
Even bloodied, math is beauty.

The math of murder and grief is louder than excuses.