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MisterShortcut On Natural Cures
Not for a minute should you ever believe that drugs and surgery are better, or healthier, or cheaper, or safer,
or more likely to extend your longevity, than natural cures which are known to work, natural cures working for centuries.
No matter how you slice it, natural cures never cause deadly side effects. You can cite all the reports and findings you like.
Until you actually produce a report or piece of research that conclusively shows many generations to be thoroughly mistaken,
there can never be a claim that natural cures have killed or even injured anyone. Drugs? No drug can make the same claim.
Even penicillin, no longer that useful because of the immunity we've built up (as the results of stronger antibiotics),
even that life-saving penicillin has killed or sickened people in some terrible ways. Not commonly, and yet often.
That's because of the millions of people who take these drugs, driving up the numbers if not the percentages.
Every single pharmaceutical IS a pharmaceutical because it has deadly or dangerous side effects.
That is the one and only reason why a medical doctor's signature is necessary to get drugs.
Natural cures suffer no such burdens. Even an overdose rarely means more than diarrhea.
No one told you to take ten times the suggested dosage, yet you're not going to die.
Natural cures work to address causes, instead of only covering up the symptoms.
That's why you're urgently encouraged to learn more about natural cures.
Again and again you will find natural cures to be effective and safer.
From watermelon (You overate? Try two chunks of watermelon),
to acid indigestion (apple cider vinegar - fast and great),
there are hundreds of useful, healthy natural cures.
The more we learn, the more we're likely to live.
The more we learn, the better we tend to live.
So, learn more in pursuit of living more.
Do it naturally and see the results.
Your body and health DO prefer
the healthier natural cures...

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