Inside tip from so many masters and champions, so many winners and leaders,
that it becomes an automatic foundation of the Psychology of Shortcuts.

Without exception, the picture in your mind of a deed or level attained,
increases in likelihood of occurence every single time you see it done.
That means observing it in your mind's eye before it CAN occur in life.
"Without exception" is a term best used only after years of truth.
Every time you create an image in your mind, still or moving,
you actively grow your own probabilities and guarantees.
That means it is independent of external resources.
That provides you with a head start at the gate.
Whatever time you have left is done your way,
or else it's first done the way masters do it,
providing you education to do it your way.
If you knew it better, you'd do it better.
Take a powerful tip from champions:
Decide to use more resources.
Decide to find resolutions.
Decide where you will be.
Decide when to start.
Decide with power;
The rest is chatter.

Shapelinks may be tasty, and Shapelinks may be fun,
but clicking through the hotlinks here will show you how it's done.

How to reach up for a single star,
with your name emblazoned to show how far
you were born to fly, yet you were trained to die,
let this be the day that finds you reaching to the sky.
This is where your strength come in, and shortcuts to success,
Shapelinks deliver you to yourself, your every action blessed.

Enjoy the Shapelinks. After all this IS the putative Shapelinks Capital,
with many thousands of deliciously interactive shapelinks EyeCandy.
Make the most of your today, because you truthfully do not know,
nor can any rational mind know in advance, when death occurs.
That makes it all the more imperative to squeeze today.

Mr_Shortcut invites you to make more of the few todays you have left.
If you think that "thousands of days" is a large number still ahead of you, try a look back.
You'll quickly see the many thousands of days already behind you: ten thousand every thirty years.

You can see so many people around you who are at the top of their games, rising up their own ladders.
In many casess, their level of success seems utterly inconsistent with ther level of intelligence; true?
You know that you have something world-class in you; bringing it out has been a significant challenge, right?
Let us change that over the coming months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and instantly. Believe with cause.

Earning The Master Secrets Of The Universe

One result of being unreasonably articulate and attractive is the lack of limits in choice.
As the first human to break a hundred world records and more, think of what I can gather unto myself.
For one human to invest two hundred million seconds into YOUR success must know something you don't.
The thousands of skills I have proven to demonstrate excellence in ARE ALL TRANSFERABLE TO YOU.

That is not an opinion: I have taught individuals aged twelve and seventy-seven to mastery.
My contribution has never been more than one fraction of their individual desire to master.
When you close your mouth and open your eyes and ears to learn from true masters, you win.
Did you know that you can compress more than two hundred piano lessons into 1,000 words?
Do you yet recognize that asking is the single most magical, guaranteed secret of all secrets?
Do you recognize that the fact of you reading these words means you herein win the jackpot?

Even if you reject all of the dozens and scores of world records I personally have shattered,
look at the lives and actions and words of any hundred masters, millionaires, and champions!

In every single example in every category in which we can become masters and champions, truth!
With the use of each truth, power! Power such as you cannot imagine, since you are not now here.
As these words are typed, deep breathing exercises are automatically executed every hour or so.
You see, I smoke up to fifty non-filtered smokes per day, and can outrun your grandchildren.


Deep breathing means ABSOLUTELY emptying your lungs and refilling them, heals.
Deep breathing delivers more oxygen to your tissues, and especially to your brain.
You are MECHANICALLY forcing your intelligence to higher levels... repeatedly!
Laughably wonderful is the fact that it also boosts your resolution mechanism.
Who do you think you are to question the master secrets of the universe?
These are not master secrets of the universe that take years to master.
Your results are guaranteed in the first sixty seconds and sixty minutes.
You can repeat this forced increase of your intelligence as often as you like.
When you think your lungs are empty, you still have plenty of filthy, old air there.
When you think your lungs are empty, push more, and still a bit more, in a relaxed way.
When you push to the bottom of your lungs, you will find, over time, that there is still more.
Within days, when you expel each time just the tiniest bit more than the last time, you will know.
Your energy level rises, your energy assumption from food has a higher rate of transfer, and more.

For the sake of time, and not shoving too many new thoughts at you at one time, we'll rest our case.
This is specifically stated because there are, in fact, so many other separate reasons for deep breathing.
A better term for this PowerGem, truly one of the master secrets of the universe, is "PROPER" breathing.
As an infant, you knew this PowerGem just as well as we all do, and forgot it, just as all of us tend to do.

Because you are here and now, you have literally earned your way to such master secrets of the universe.

The Psychology of Shortcuts is deliberately and expressly begging you not to waste such fantastic power.
The PowerGems you find throughout the Psychology of Shortcuts, most of them hidden right in plain sight,
are all universal. They work fast, and they work for approximately 100 percent of those who use them 100x.
More than a thousand enormously unique versions of the Psychology of Shortcuts is worth a great deal.
Since there appears no one in sight... or in-site, for that matter... willing to pay many tens of billions,
the Psychology of Shortcuts, et alia, remain free for your life because YOU are worth that much.

The Psychology of Shortcuts will help you to change everything, and rapidly, to boot.
Tell us what you want or need to be world-class at. State it in ten words or less.
If you cannot state your desired goal in ten words or less, try one more time.
Once you tell us in ten words or less, we look for those who have done it.
Those who repeatedly do it the best know it the best... and teach best.
Those who charge large sums to teach or to heal are too selfish.
These people will never transfer their "greatness" unto you.
Please, pay attention: I have broken many world records.
My single greatest power is the power to hand it over.
Recognizing the foolishness of pursuing more money,
my energy gets purer, and I keep shattering records.
I hope to read twenty-five thousand books in this life.
Unlike you, I continue to read a book or three each day.
After 14,835 days, we can cite specific progress on the task.
I did not read twenty thousand books, I read a book or three per day.
With nothing close to a photographic memory, I recite hundreds of digits.
Unlike the champions who cite hundreds, I recite hundreds of digits per minute.
My brain is not superior to yours. My desire to master Pi is far greater than yours.
Nothing and no one but the Architect of the Universe can stop those with greater desire.
The hungriest person is always, truly without exception, the person who wins the day's race.

Do you know, for example, that fully eight of every ten masters and millionaires approached will help?
Whether you are asking for mentorship or money, you need only ask more people more times each for help.

The Psychology of Shortcuts is nothing less than a collection of the master secrets of the universe.
The master secrets of the universe do not and cannot fail.
We can only fail to use the master secrets of the universe.
Embrace the Psychology of Shortcuts and the Psychology of Longevity will embrace you.

Embrace excellence as a habit, and you obtain power.
Embrace resolution as your most permanent habit.
Embrace your master secrets of the universe.

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As you may have noticed, you're at the ShapeTalk Capital of the Universe.
At the least, it's the ShapeTalk Capital of the World. Braggadocious?
Okay, can we call it the ShapeTalk Capital of the World Wide Web?
We can even settle for "ShapeTalk Capital of YOUR Day." Better?
Whatever the case, there are multiple reasons for ShapeTalk.
At the highest of the long list of reasons, we find Y O U
Reach into the shapetalk, and find the best for you.
Because you have inspired so much Shapetalk,
let's see you become inspired by Shapetalk.

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Okay, can we call it the ShapeTalk Capital of the World Wide Web?
We can even settle for "ShapeTalk Capital of YOUR Day." Better?
Whatever the case, there are multiple reasons for ShapeTalk.
At the highest of the long list of reasons, we find Y O U
Reach into the shapetalk, and find the best for you.
Because you have inspired so much Shapetalk,
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