Surrender liberty for security? It does not work that way.
That's akin to paying someone not to beat you up every day.
It's like the taxpayer, paying represenatives to steal money.

Most taxpayers honestly believe their rep is an exception.


THEIR elected rep is the rare and honest person.

Numerically, they know not they are wrong.

Answer to power, the time is nigh,
each of us chooses

to reach low or high.
Low power's petty, wielded by fools,
who misperceive skills in flouting the rules.

Now, answer to power as they understand;
most often responding to a subtler hand.

High power's sneaky, snide and yet harder,
grabbing what's not authorized in its charter.
Answer to power that's great with like,
it's only your nerve that needs a good hike.
Match them and slap them, give as good as you get,
then leap ahead with the use of your head.

Answer to power with the best within you,
Answer to power with all your truth.
No one can know and no one can say,
how you choose to respond today,
but answer to power, in this very hour,
this is your time
to answer to power.

.... arrogating all time

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Each that you reach for, teaches your style.

must you leech low, or do you reach high,

all actions are louder than all of the lies.

your choice of respect or to be despised.

After all, itís your dime,

and the expense of your time,

Vanity's selection is NOT how we climb.

The best of the best live out our truth,

exchanging the bestÖ

of whatís left of our youth.


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